The 2015 New York International Auto Show Starts This Weekend

It’s spring and young men’s and women’s fancy turns to – driving a new car! OK, that’s pretty lame but after the harsh winter we just had, the temptation to get in the family truckster, roll down the windows, play your favorite tunes on the car stereo and head for the open road are strong. What better way to scratch that itch than to go to the Javits Center over the holiday week and take a look at all of the new cars on display. For less than the price of a tank of gas, you can spend an entire day soaking up that new car smell in cars that you can afford and others that would be, let’s say, aspirational. That’s were we’ll focus our reporting first.

Pure Exotics – There are several new cars on display that should get your heart pumping a little faster. First, the awesome new Ford GT is just that, awesome. Low, sleek and sinister as any car on the Auto Show’s floor. Definitely worth a look. The new Acura NSX is stunning in red and is mounted on a rotating pedestal so you stand and watch the sleek, sexy lines pass your eyes without having to push your way through the crowds that you will find surrounding the display. McLaren’s new 570S, unfortunately in a small display space, should get a look too. It’s as close to a pure street legal race car that you’ll find and should get your Fast and Furious fantasies going. Definitely worth a look.

Germany’s Best – If your heart belongs to German cars, then a visit to the Porsche display should be on your list. The new Boxster Spyder made its debut at this show in an exciting unveiling by the head honcho of Porsche AG. Harkening back to the Porsche 550 driven by James Dean, this two place roadster has over 300-hp and handling that most experts describe as best in the world.

Mercedes-Benz has an enormous display in the north east corner of the show and they have spared no expense showing off their wares. They have their so-called “Porsche Fighter” on display and where the Ford GT and Acura NSX have sharp edges and crisp folds, this German super car looks more brutal and purpose built – round where the other are sharp, menacing where the others are inviting. In the flesh, it’s very cool.

Finally, the show wouldn’t be a show without BMW and their display is also as big and as exciting as their cross show German rival’s. However, BMW did not announce any new cars this year but they did bring two of their race cars and the great Brian Redman to the show. The vintage BMW is Redman’s 1975 Sebring winning car and you have to wonder if they made a new car that looked exactly like this 40 year old race car, how long would the waiting list be?

Let’s Not Forget Italy – Unfortunately, Ferrari did not have a display at this year’s show – leaving most of us panting for a first hand look at a LaFerrari. However, Lamborghini, Maserati and Alfa Romeo were there to satisfy the fans of these great marques.

Maserati, coming off their 100 year anniversary had a huge display with their Ghibli hardtop and convertible models.

Lamborghini had a much smaller display but the cars are still as futuristic as ever and displayed next to the incredible Bugatti Veyron Sport Vitesse (0-6 in 2.6 seconds!!).

But the best Italian display was from Alfa Romeo. They introduced the new Alfa 4C Spyder on a podium that feature three great racing Alfa Romeos from the past. Incredible!

Rule Britannia – Not to be out done, Aston Martin showed a concept car called the Vulcan. While the color may not be your cup of English Breakfast, it is another powerful, sexy car that tells the world that Great Britain can still play hard ball with the big boys.

The show runs from April 3 to April 12 and tickets are $16 for adults and $7 for kids under 12. Easy access from New Jersey is by ferry and then a half block walk – package priced rates can be had that include ferry fare and show admission.

Yes, winter may still be a bad memory, but a few hours spent looking at beautiful new cars can help push the snow and ice out of your mind, at least for a while, and that’s not bad.