A Review of AdNow

AdNow is a new advertising site that gives publishers the opportunity to use native ads based on widgets.  At present it has one and a half million publishers.  If publishers are not able to use Taboola, RevContent or Outbrain, AdNow will often accept them.  The RPM rates are similar to Taboola, so AdNow is a good choice. Here is a detailed Adnow review for our readers.

A little about the company

Digital marketers started AdNow in 2014.  Including people from Big Data and RTB, they created a new hybrid format for advertising.  In order to improve the engagement of users they serve advertising and other areas of interest from websites.  If you are trying to interest clients they are able to use native ads and banners in a simultaneous campaign.

It has taken almost a year for AdNow to develop this prototype, but it got the algorithms right.  The founders had a great deal of experience in RTB, Big Data, Pay per click and other platforms used for advertising.  It has only taken them 2 years to reach the target of being the top Native ad, and this year their statistics include having 1,500,000 clients, with more than 4 billion impressions each month, reaching 107 countries.

What are the requirements for joining the network?

There are no specific requirements, but they are looking for quality in ads to attract more users.  They actually review each website manually.  There is a short form for registration which is sent in for approval.  They accept publishers, but not if the site actually generates fake users.

Verifying owner ship needs to be completed, either by a file being sent, or the HTML tag.  Once approved publishers can begin earning through the advertised content.  Approval takes only 3 hours, but adult only content will not be approved.  There are no requirements for traffic, but if good traffic is generated that is an advantage. Generating fake traffic through changing the code of the ad, using traffic exchanges or the use of automatic refresher software is not allowed.

How AdNow works

AdNow recommends content offering widget posts that are related to publishers to put up on their websites.  This shows content that is sponsored, which earns money when it is clicked on or visited.  Many webmaster are able to make this very profitable.  AdNow is an effective place to monetise your website.  Content is always checked.  In addition, there are measures taken to ensure there is no conflict with others.  Other advantages include payments made weekly, support in various language and they have made it easy to customise.

AdNow WidgetThe company helps owners to increase the traffic on their website through selling advertising ideas.  Publishers can make money from their own website and additional income when a user is diverted to their advertisers.  The speed of approval makes it one of the best platforms available.

It is difficult to earn money on sites with only a few users.  Publishers need to concentrate initially generating more traffic to their site.  This will entail the use of social media marketing and also optimizing positions in search engines.  The best way to do this is to use quality content, particularly on blogs and do this at least once a day.  When a website has achieved the maximum traffic the company can add a PPC to their own website.

Interesting Facts

Each month there are 4.2 billion impressions and 900 million users.

There is a variation in CPM which depends on the county – from 1 cent to 2 dollars.

Throughout the world there are 150,000 websites using AdNow

Some of the countries include – Turkey, India, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Japan, and many others.

 Advantages of AdNow

Adnow is based in India, but accepts website that are in languages other than English.

Adnow allows sites to take advantage of traffic worldwide, not in only one country.

This network can be combined with others, including Propeller Ads, Adsense and Adtomatik.

Payments are made on time.

The reporting system is in real time.

If you are rejected by Adnow, errors can be repaired and the owner can reapply

The program for referral is rewarding.

Disadvantage of AdNow

 Publishers are not able to filter ads they feel are inappropriate, and need to work with the support team to do this.

There are times when the content seems unrelated.


 The widget is able to be customized using the settings shown on the left.

Once you have the widget customized for your needs, you need the codes.  The first code is for placement and the other relates to JavaScript.  These can be combined or used separately.

How to get the most from AdNow

 AdNow is a great alternative for the beginner blogger who wishes to try to earn some additional revenue through advertising.  AdNow is more flexible than some of the other big names in this business as they do not require the same amount of evidence of users.  It is suggested that you start with 2-3 widgets, and once the codes are written it ads will start appearing.  The widget can be on a sidebar, within the actual content, or at the end.  It has been found that a sidebar works well on a desktop, but not so effectively on mobile devices.

 Reports of earnings

 Reports contain all the information you will need.  For example, with two widgets on your site you can almost reach $1RPM.  Because they are native ads they are considered to be content and with a good CTR you will have a nice profit.

AdNow StatsPayments

 The AdNow platform gives its customers detailed statistics including clicks, views, income, etc., on a daily basis.  You can even get this detailed information for various time zones.  The minimum payout is $20 and it can be sent via PayPal or bank transfers.

Proof of payment

 AdNow pay consistently and are mostly on time with the payments.  There is a parent company that actually sends the payment – ActionPlay Advertising Network – and they send an account which details the payments made.

Referral program

AdNow will also refer other publishers and this can increase your income.  Their websites are reviewed, and once approved the referrer will be paid 5% of that websites total earnings.  This can be continued for up to 12 months.

The last word

AdNow is not a scam, and its payout is effective and efficient.  It is a legitimate platform and can substantially increase your earnings.

I am not using it for long time, but I am really impressed with its structure. Click here to visit their website for more details.


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