AirDrop: Apple sharing the easy way

Have you been waiting for a way to easily share photos, contacts and other files between Apple products? Apple’s newly release AirDrop tool could be the answer.

AirDrop has long been a feature of MacBooks, but now it’s finally available for iPhone and iPad, meaning you can now wirelessly share everything you need. To access AirDrop, all you’ll need is an iPhone (4s or later) or iPad, with iOS8 installed.

AirDrop is one of many aspects of the iOS8 release, which also includes the Health apps, with behind the scenes interfacing with HealthKit and HomeKit. iOS8 also sees the much-anticipated release of Apple Pay, although it’s only available in the United States for now.

To send a file with AirDrop, just launch the app that you want to share from (e.g. photos, contacts), select your file and hit share. Within a few moments, you’ll be given a list of nearby devices. Select the contact that you want to send the item to. It’s that easy!

To receive a file you’ll need to make sure AirDrop is switched on in your settings. You can test out whether it’s working by asking one of your contacts to try to send you something. Once you’ve received the file, it’ll go straight to the application that it came from – so your new photo from the weekend will be in Photos and that phone number for your new colleague will save straight to Contacts.

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