Apple’s iOS 9.3 glitching some older iPads

There is no joy presently for some owners of older iPads; the reason behind their misery is that Apple’s new version of its mobile operating system is causing them some serious headaches. It is said from reliable sources, that certain older iPads are unable to install iOS 9.3 and are “bricking” at the activation stage, which means that the updates are left inoperable. According to posts on Apple’s support communities site, tweets on the Apple support Twitter page, readers of the Apple Insider site, the issue seems to affect the iPad 2 in particular according to Apple Insider.  The Apple Insider noted that users were receiving authentication error messages when they tried to activate their iPads post –installation.

It is important to mention that no matter how many times, a new product is tested before it finally hits the market, various problems can still emerge once it finds its way to millions of users. Apple’s biggest challenge has been to find out the magnitude of a problem and how to resolve it first enough to appease the affected users. As part of Apple’s history, in the year 2014 the company got a black eye with iOS 8, which earned the reputation of being unstable and forced Apple to roll out a series of big fixes. The current problem could be traced back to overworked Apple servers struggling to keep up with a great number of people trying to install the new software.

According to Apple Insider some iPad owners were still unable to activate their tablets even after waiting for 24 hours; this noted Apple insider could suggest a different kind of problem. There were comments from iPad owners that seemed to suggest that there were many amongst them that were quite frustrated. From the Apple support community another expressed the disappointment they had by saying that even after loading the IOS 9.3 software activation did not happen at all. Even all the suggested did not work the iPad owner continued to lament. However there were a few exceptions as some were able to fix the problem by connecting their appliances to iTunes or by doing a complete restore. Finally for those with an older iPad, especially an iPad 2, they may want to wait to update to IOS 9.3 until this situation is clarified. If one has to still go ahead with the update, then that person has to first make sure that they back up their iPad to a computer or to iCloud so that one’s data is preserved in the glitch.


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