Bill Gates Remarks about importance of AI technology in Current Era

Bill Gates: The development of artificial intelligence (AI), according to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, is the most significant technological development in decades.

He referred to it as being as fundamental as the development of the microprocessor, personal computer, Internet, and mobile phone in a blog post on Tuesday.

He stated, “It will change the way people work, learn, travel, get health care, and communicate.”

He was talking about the technology behind tools like ChatGPT in his writing.

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot created by OpenAI that is programmed to respond to questions online in a manner that is comparable to that of a human.

In January 2023, the team behind it received a multibillion-dollar investment from Microsoft, where Mr. Gates is still an advisor.

However, Google recently introduced a rival bot called Bard, making it not the only AI-powered chatbot available.

Mr. Gates stated that since 2016, he had been meeting with OpenAI, the group responsible for the artificial intelligence that powers the chatbot ChatGPT.

Mr. Gates stated in his blog that he had challenged the OpenAI team in 2022 to train an AI that could pass an Advanced Placement (AP) Biology exam, which is roughly equivalent to an A-level exam. However, there was a strict rule that the AI could not be specifically trained to answer questions related to biology.

They revealed the results a few months later—a score that was close to perfect, he claimed, missing only one mark out of 50.

Mr. Gates stated that he asked the AI to write a response to a father with a sick child after the exam.

He stated, “It wrote a thoughtful response that was probably better than what the majority of us in the room would have given.”

“I was aware that I had just witnessed the most significant technological advancement since the graphical user interface (GUI).”

Instead of a display that only displays text and requires typing commands, a graphical user interface (GUI) allows users to interact with images and icons.

In the 1980s, its development led to the Windows and Mac OS operating systems, and it continues to be an essential component of computing.

Additionally, Mr. Gates asserts that he anticipates similar advancements from AI technology.
The Fate of computer based intelligence

Mr Doors, who co-seats the magnanimous Bill and Melinda Entryways Establishment, approached state run administrations to work with industry to “limit the dangers” of artificial intelligence, yet said the innovation could be utilized to save lives.

He wrote, “AI-driven improvements will be especially important for poor countries, where the vast majority of deaths among children under the age of five occur.”

“AIs will help the health workers they do see be more productive because many people in those countries never get to see a doctor.”

He provided examples of this, such as completing routine tasks like insurance claims, paperwork, and taking notes.

However, Mr. Gates urged a future focused approach to AI technology in order for this to occur.

He stated, “AI products and services that help the poorest won’t naturally be produced by market forces.” Most likely, the opposite is true.

“Governments and philanthropy have the ability to guarantee that AIs are utilized to reduce inequality if they have access to dependable funding and the appropriate policies.

“We will need to focus the world’s best AIs on its biggest problems, just as the world needs its brightest people focused on its biggest problems.”


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