BING SEARCH ENGINE – One of the top Search Engines after Google

Only a few years ago there were only one or two main search engines ”Ask Jeeves” was one of the leaders, whereas now it is nowhere to be found. There has been quite a fight to be the first place leader in a search engine, the two top ones in recent years have been ‘Bing’ and ”Google” with ”Yahoo” coming closely up the rear.

What is a Search Engine?

A search engine is an index site where you can input ”keywords” to search for millions of different websites and information. By creating indexes or large databases of websites (based on keywords or titles) search engines can locate websites that the users enter by using search terms or phrases.

Why use Bing Search Engine?

Bing is a search engine developed by Microsoft. It provides specialized searches for images, videos, shopping, news, maps, keywords, information and websites.

Formally known as MSN Search which later became Windows Live Search, Microsoft re-named it BING in June of 2009, when Microsoft itself had a complete overhaul and image shift. It was marketed to be a new design in search engines to make quicker decisions, to collect our recent search history and cookies and to make it think like the user itself. This is reflected in the new search engine’s slogan, “Bing and decide.”

Difference between Bing and Google

Bing differentiates itself from other search engines like Google and Yahoo in several different ways. The Bing homepage includes a background image or video which is updated daily, by clicking on different parts of the background the user can learn more about the daily subject or topic. Bing search engine also uses Microsoft’s main search algorithm to provide relevant search results. These results may include “instant answers”, which provide helpful information at the top of the search results page for specific types of queries. The search results may also include images, videos, shopping information, or news stories that are relevant to the keywords you entered.

You can use Bing search engine just by simply typing it into your web tool bar whether you have it saved as a tool bar or not or you can simply sign into it with your usual email or social media site and then are always signed in again to simplify searches at the touch of a button.

You can choose to sign in using your Windows Live ID or your  Facebook login, when logged into Facebook Bing will automatically display which of your friends “Like” specific webpages in the search results. Or you can download the ”Bing Bar” which will provide live news feeds directly from the toolbar in Internet Explorer, (other browsers will also support this)

Try Bing search engine for yourself today and realize the World at your fingertips.

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