Buyers guide to choosing a new mobile

With nearly every person now having access to mobile phones and normally owning more than one, especially with all the new Smartphones around and all the new devices available to access mobile internet, people really are embracing new ideas and enjoying the benefits of technology to make their lives easier and saving time along the way.

However, with so much new technology and choice available, it’s essential to make the right choice.

Contract or pay as you go? Which smartphone or tablet is best for you?

Be an informed consumer before you make your decision to buy, as it could be a costly mistake.

Top tips: Before you buy a mobile phone:

The Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code (TCP) protects your rights as a mobile consumer for all your needs connected to the purchase, contracts and after care.

Extra information available: read more about the TCP Code here.

Buying a new mobile phone can be an expensive matter and may involve a long financial commitment as most mobile phone contracts are between 12-24 months.

Take your time and make sure you read the small print and understand what it all means to you and be careful to read all the Terms & Conditions ( Don’t be scared to ask questions and verify certain details with your retailer ) as it could lead to a costly error.

Your mobile phone service provider is obliged under the TCP Code to provide you with a Critical Information Summary (CIS) that will highlight the key terms and conditions of your contract.

Make sure you read the (CIS) thoroughly and again don’t be scared to ask questions of anything you don’t understand or what points you would like to be double checked.

Make sure you understand everything correctly and are comfortable with all the terms and conditions before signing, as the contract name holder is ultimately responsible to ensure the contract conditions are adhered to. (Never sign a contract for someone else as you will be held responsible to pay ALL the bills for the full term of the contract)

If you have any doubts at all about the terms and conditions of the contract or feel you are being forced to enter into a long contract by a pushy sales person, then perhaps a Pay As You Go option will be better suited to you as a novice to the new world of technology and mobile phones. It will help you note your own usage pattern and to what exact data you need or don’t need in the form of data count, call time, SMS count and internet usage you are actually using or will need in the future. When you feel a contract is right for you, you know what to look for and negotiate the right deal for you.


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