Buying a Mobile Device? Take Care!

We see great bargains for mobile devices advertised everywhere and although they can be very tempting, check carefully that the device you are buying suits your needs, is genuine and will function correctly when you get it home.

Is the device new of second-hand?

If new, remember…

  • Always use a known dealership and provider; if you have any difficulties after the purchase they will provide service and assistance
  • New mobile devices can be purchased from overseas online, but you cannot be certain the device is genuine and will function properly in your own country
  • Different countries use various mobile networks; your new phone may not be usable at home
  • Poor quality components and dangerous elements are used in some places. Buying from a reputable dealer gives you protection.  Always use recommended products with your device

If second-hand, remember…

  • Phones can be stolen, or blocked, so check the seller is reliable
  • Is it really worth the savings?


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