Can you trust your GPS?

When her son started to worry about his mother, Sabine Moreau, he went to the police.  They could do nothing, until she contacted them.

Sabine was going from Hainault Erquelinnes in Belgium to meet her friend, who was in Brisol, a mere 89 miles away.  She put the destination into the GPS and started off on her short journey.  Two days later she was in Zagreb, in Croatia.  She had filled up with petrol twice, and had a short nap by the side of the road, as well as a minor road accident, but why didn’t she notice that something was wrong?

Sabine explained it all by saying she felt distracted.  She did notice the language of the road signs from French, German, and finally to Croatian.  It wasn’t until she reached Zagreb in Croatia that she noticed that she was no longer in Belgium.

Was she just enjoying a ‘road trip’?


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