Can You Unsend An Email On Gmail? Yes You Can!

Can You Unsend An Email On Gmail?

Can you unsend an email on Gmail? Yes you can!

Who hasn’t sent an email only to wish that they could undo it and get it back before it went to the sender? Or who hasn’t replied to “All” on a group email and wanted to undo it? Lucky for you, if you use Gmail from Google you can turn back time and stop an email before it gets to the recipient.

If you are fast enough, the new and improved Gmail app from Google will allow you to unsend an email and save you from an uncomfortable conversation. It’s surprising that Google didn’t have this option in the earlier versions of their Gmail app. Now, if you catch your mistake in under 5 seconds, you can have an email come back to you instead of going to the recipient.

How do you Recall an Email in Gmail by Google?

First, as was stated above, you have to catch your mistake in less than 5 seconds. During those first five seconds there will be a grey area on the lower part of your phone that you can click on to stop the email from sending. By clicking on “undo” on the gray area, the app will bring you back to the screen where you were writing your email. That will allow you to either change the recipients or change the wording in your email before you send it again. You can do this on the Gmail app even if you haven’t been using the “undo” option on your Gmail on your computer.

The new Gmail app for Apple phones also allows users to manage emails more efficiently. You will be able to use the swipe feature to move emails to the trash, to your archive or to a folder. You will also be able to get quicker results when searching for a specific email even if you don’t spell the names or words you search correctly.

A representative from Google discussed the new app on a technology blog recently. He spoke about the many ways that people will be able to use the new Google Gmail app to improve their productivity both personally and professionally. The Google Calendar search features have also been improved so you can find your events and reminders quicker using the spotlight search. The new Google Calendar app also gives users the option of using the Lunar, Islamic or Hindu calendars.

This Doesn’t Only Work on Apple Phones!

If you are an Android user, you don’t have to worry! The Gmail app for Android also now contains the undo feature for those emails that you really wish you hadn’t sent. The feature is also available for Gmail on your computer. Just make sure you catch your mistake quickly!

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