Fortitude of Empires

Fortitude of Empires A Space Themed Star Wars Influenced Board Game

Fortitude of Empires, an all-new sci-fi adventure board game that’s fun for anyone of all ages. In this battle strategy game, players are put into a universe where the main objective is to establish dominion over the entire solar system. This Star Wars themed and inspired board game is rich with lively graphics and a …

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Forza Horizon 3 System Requirements

forza horizon 3 system requirements

There is only one month left before Forza Horizon 3 arrives, and Microsoft has just revealed the recommended specs for your PC. Halo’s Warthog roadster, with over 350 vehicles available at the launch, will also be available at a later date.  The word is that it will be free of charge at the launch for …

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4K Gaming PC – Small and Powerful

4K Gaming PC The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 SLI-ing gaming tool is only 30x30x10cm, with 4K, intel Core 17-toting, and dual SSD-booting.  However, there is a problem – the case costs more than the components inside it ($US3500).  It has been built for an Australian. He is a hardcore PC enthusiast and also an engineer, …

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How to find the best desktop for gaming in 2016

Using a personal computer for gaming remains very popular, although there are many consoles and other devices that can be used.  Which personal computers makes these games better than the Playstation or the Xbox 1? find the best desktop for gaming in 2016 There are several companies, including Falcon Northwest, Alienware, MSI and others that …

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