How Far Can Google Go In Medical Research?

It seems the co-founders of Google have always had a sense of commit to and a general interest in medical research, which explains the company’s latest interest in this area. Google in medical research Google hasn’t remained a company that only relies on the internet; it has ventured into all areas of our lives including …

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Some animals have bizarre ways of ‘seeing’

Animals with no eyes, but they can still see There are some animals with no eyes, but they can still ‘see’.  This is not a joke, but is serious scientific research. For example, a researcher from duke University, points out the sea urchin.  A sea urchin is like a pincushion that moves, with multi-colored spikes …

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How the Human Eye Works

The Human Eye: How it Works As with other eyes found in nature, the human eye is called a ‘camera type eye’.  Similar to the lens of a camera, light is focused onto a film – in the human eye this is called the cornea – which in turn focuses the light onto a retina …

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Using Eye-Control can change the lives of people with a disability – Tobii

Tobii Assistive Technology Tobii Assistive Technology, a subsidiary of Tobii Technology, is one of the world leaders in Augmentative and Alternate Communication equipment.  Their devices use gaze interaction and eye-tracking which gives people with disabilities more independence, by assisting them with communication and a degree of control over their environment. What is gaze-interaction? In much …

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Revolutionary Eye Tracking Technology For Disabled

Eye Tracking Technology For Disabled With some help from others the people who have various kinds of disabilities are able to live meaningful lives. Technology can also go a long way in helping individuals who have certain disabilities, because it is not on every occasion that there is someone to help an individual with disability. …

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Portraits Made From DNA Found On Used Gum And Hair

How to fix a squeaky upstairs floor in your home.

Portraits From DNA Found on Used Gum And Hair It is an imaginable even in our day and time coupled with technological advancements, to think of a tasteless gum thrown away because someone has no use of it again being used to make portraits. This certainly sounds like the old fairy tales that grandmothers used …

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