Spreadsheets – What is MS EXCEL Spreadsheet

What is MS Excel Spreadsheets  Microsoft Excel is a part of the Microsoft Office Suite of Programmes.  Basically it is a spreadsheet, which keeps data in a template of rows and columns. What can you do with spreadsheet? There are many things you can do when using spreadsheet– you can perform calculations make small databases …

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China Says No to Windows 10

While Windows 10 has had no shortage of critics, some of the strongest voices against the new platform are now emerging out of China. News from Xinhua suggests that many Windows users within the country are frustrated by forced upgrades, feeling that the market dominance of the operating system leaves few alternatives for those who …

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Wireless Network Set-Up Made Easy

If you’re a Windows user, you may not be aware that you can set up a wireless connection in a few steps, drawing on old system data and pulling it into the new platform. This process should work for all Windows versions from Vista onwards. You’ll need to start by exporting the data for your …

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You may be uploading Windows 10 across the globe right now

If you’ve recently updated to Windows 10, you may have missed Windows Update Delivery Optimization (WUDO). WUDO is Microsoft’s answer to a torrenting client, which sits innocuously in the background of your computer, quietly uploading pieces of Windows 10 to share with PCs across the globe. While it’s an innovative way to distribute both apps …

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Top tips for new Windows 10 users

Top tips for new Windows 10 users Windows 10 is still developing and if you’ve recently upgraded, you might be still adjusting to the new system. Here are a few tips to help you with the transition. Check your privacy Privacy has been a contentious topic when it comes to Windows 10, with Microsoft gathering …

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Want to say no to Windows 10 once and for all?

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Want to say no to Windows 10 once and for all? If you’re a Windows 7 or 8.1 user, you may have noticed a regular pop-up called GWX, which routinely bugs you to update to Windows 10. While you can manually disable these notifications through your settings, this is only a temporary fix and involves …

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