Changes to Google AdWords Makes Advertisers Unhappy

Changes to Google AdWords

A lot of people are unhappy with the changes Google is making to the data they make available to SEO marketers. The information available contains much less detail than it did previously even for people who have had long standing accounts or had use AdWords. The information that people can see now is just a general summary of statistics for the month. Google has also completely hid this information from those who do not advertise with them. These changes to Google Adwords has made the advertisers unhappy.

This change started blocking people from seeing the details of the search information forĀ  each month in the beginning of 2016. Then, people who didn’t advertise with Google were blocked from seeing the detailed search data and only those who were long time advertisers could see the information. Google said that this information was not available due to bots which affected information about keyword searches.

The next step Google took was to tell advertisers that if they wanted to be able to see the details of the keyword search data they would need to spend a certain amount of money with the company. The information available to those who don’t spend the required amount is not really going to assist them, as advertisers, in making the best choices when it comes to keywords. The amount an advertiser has to spend is not being discussed by Google but it is safe to assume that advertisers with a low spending amount won’t see all the data for monthly searches.

Search engine optimization (SEO) experts used the information they were previously able to get from Google about monthly searches to make educated decisions about the types of content they published and where they published it. AdWords and the tools that it offered SEO experts are only available to those who spend the right amount of money. That leaves tools like Keyword Planner which has had many different versions.

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