China’s New Satellite and its Global Impact…

What is China’s New Satellite?

China’s new satellite will be able to use space as a medium for experiments involving quantum science.  Some believe this will initiate another space race.  If the experiments are successful, once the satellite is launched this year, china will no doubt continue to attempt to build a network, using an encryption technique along with quantum science.

This development could lead to digital networks and communication being secure and hackers would not be able to breach them.  It works on the ground and if it works in space it could dramatically change communication.

Previously encryption has been based on mathematics and thus far this has been effective, but as technology advances this effectiveness is being undermined.  Quantum Physics has opened many new avenues for scientists and China’s venture into space could give us a means of communication that is not able to be hacked.

A professor from the Australian National University believes that in addition to advancing the internet, we will also increase our knowledge of quantum science in general.  Quantum key distribution is dependent on physics and not on mathematics.  Laser beams are able to convey quantum data, and then all parties are able to ensure the communication is secure.

The Chinese satellite weighs 600 kilograms, and has a central crystal.  Although known as photons, the crystal will produce pairs of these, which resemble laser beams.  As Austria is China’s partner in this project, the first bases will be between these two countries, and a key will be generated to allow the communication to proceed.

One reason this method is so secure is that when someone tries to tamper with it, the information destroys itself.

If successful, this will continue, and it is expected that a secure network would require about 20 satellites.

The issue of security in cyber space has become a place for conflicts.  Some attacks are relatively benign, while others can lead to major problems between countries.

Although all previous experiments have been at ground level, they have been successful, and Chinese scientists feel that the lack of disruptions in space will enable these beams to reach greater distances.  By using various satellites as contacts between the stations on the ground, the entire system could be completely secure.

Efforts of Other Countries

Other countries are also interested in this technology.  Teams from the UK and Singapore are working together.  Researchers in Canada are developing a system.  NASA is experimenting, as are the European Space Agency and Japan.

There will be many changes in the future……

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