Confused about cables and connectors?

Cables and Connectors

What is behind your computer?  What do each of these cables and connectors do?  Are they in the right place?  Let’s find out….

What is a USB

Cables and Connectors
What is a USB?  A Universal Serial Bus is used for an enormous variety of things.  These ports on your computer can be used for any number of things, including USB drives, keyboards, cameras, etc. It has been one of the most useful innovations in the IT world.

PS/2 Mouse vs USB Mouse

Mouse Connectors - USB Connector - PS2 Connector
Two versions of a mouse connection; the older version, on the left, is called a PS/2 and the more modern one is called a USB – on the latest computers, both versions can be used.

s-video-cableFor DVD Players – S-Video Cable and AverKey

To connect DVD player to TVs, we use the S-Video Cable.  They are designed to improve the quality of the video and offer better distance.  A scan converter (AverKey), enables you to simultaneously view your computer on the TV.

SVGA Connectors for Monitor

SVGA connects
The SVGA connects the monitor to the computer. Take care when removing it and reconnecting it; it is very delicate.


Digital Camer to TV Adaptor

Digital Camera to TV Adaptor
The Digital Camera to TV Adaptor allows you to display images from the camera on the TV screen.  These are generally included, when you purchase a new digital camera.



Sudden surges in power can do enormous damage to your computer and surge protectors can assist with this.  It is not so dangerous either, as there is a fuse that will shut it down if too much power is drawn.  Always check the surge protector if your computer suddenly closes.  These are a necessary part of your computer equipment.

Have a look at your computer now, and see if you know what all the cables do, or search further on the internet for these items.

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