Convert Any Printer Into A Smart Printer

Many say that old is gold, but there is always a big challenge when the old printer has been over taken by times and especially in as far as technology is concerned. This can be described as a real case scenario when dealing with old printers. For an old printer one has to plug it just to be able to print directly from their desktop computer. One would want to print from their tablet all the time if not most of the time, but the printer that one has is an old one and more than just being old it is not wireless.

Because it is in a good working condition the owner finds no need to buy a new one. But the challenge still remains that the owner of such a printer cannot be able to print from a tablet if they own one. The situation described above is a real one for most people. They own a mobile device or even a tablet. If they had the opportunity they would fully take the advantage of the convenience of printing from all devices, but their biggest challenge is that they have an old printer. Many such people draw the conclusion that it is not worth the extra $100 or $200 to upgrade an old printer.

The question that begs for an answer would be how can one avoid e-mailing everything that needs to be printed to one’s desktop computer? However, recently a development company that is known as ImageTech is trying to provide a solution by first looking for a $10,000 kick starter investment to fund two devices to enable Wi-Fi printing on all the printers. This would certainly include the old printer at home that works on a USB connection and can possibly consider vintage. The company planning to develop a couple of devices that allow any devices to send information to one’s printer plans to do in one of two ways, each by a different device.

The first device is known as the print WiFi, this device allows multiple devices to connect to a printer wirelessly. Connecting to the printer via the USB, print WiFi then connects to a smart phone or tablet via the custom print app. This app connection is via WiFi. The second device is called the print USB. Just like the first device, the print USB allows smart phones and tablets to send information to any printer, old or new. It is however important to note that, instead of wirelessly connecting through an app, it lets the mobile device or tablet connect via another USB wire, while acting as an adapter of sorts. This is certainly a great solution for anyone who owns an old printer and several other devices. Although the project is such a brilliant idea, it may not last for long as a result of new printers being part of the internet. There is also the huge challenge of cloud printing which is growing in popularity.

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