Consumer Electronics Show – Display of Car Gadgets

Display of Car Gadgets

In past, the display of car gadgets was more futuristic than ever.  At the Consumer Electronics Show the range of advanced systems was overwhelming visitors with the future role of smart phones on our lives.

The car industry was particularly innovative: starting your car with a smart phone, multimedia functions that allow you to stay connected to Twitter and Facebook, and apps that lock your car.  The newest features were more about technology in the driver’s seat than that in the engines.

Some examples were:

A wireless charging stationA wireless charging station

Developed by a company known as ‘Delpi’, this cell can be place in various locations, and your mobile device will charge while you drive.  This does away with all the extra ‘bits’ and all those wires.


GPS with Music and Other AppsGPS with Music and Other Apps

Pioneer’s new GPS will not only give the driver the opportunity to stream music apps, but you will also be able to listen to Facebook posts while you are driving.  No more dangerous distractions, so you will drive more safely.


‘Piloted Driving’

‘Piloted Driving’

Google may have started it, but Audi have taken it a step further.  This new technology allows the driver travelling at less than 40 miles per hour, to navigate, accelerate, brake and even park the car.  This technology will be tested in the USA, in states that  permit these ‘driver-less’ cars, like Nevada. Samsung is also interested in autonomous driving technology.

Smart Phone App for CarsSmart Phone App for Cars

These apps will be able to lock the car, unlock and start the car – all from a distance.  In addition there will be an emergency feature, but this will incur a monthly service charge plus additional installation costs.

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