Effective PowerPoints

Almost everyone uses Power Points to present material to an audience.  There are a bewildering number of special effects available, from sound and color to animation.  For some this is great, and students can explore all these features while creating their presentation.

However, in order to design a more aesthetically pleasing presentation, which looks professional and appealing, here are some hints – especially for school students

  • Keep the background of all slides consistent. Templates are available in the PowerPoint program, and always look professional.  The Microsoft Office website provides more options.
  • Use colors with a strong contrast, such as white letters on a black background, or other similar combinations. More options are available in the program.
  • Use visuals, but sparingly. One good, relevant image is sufficient.
  • Use a font that people can read, nothing less than 32 points. People should be able to read the presentation clearly, no matter where they are sitting.
  • Limit the number of lines of text on each slide. Five is considered the maximum.  Don’t use sentences, as you will be addressing each point on your slide verbally.  It is your presentation, not an opportunity for the audience to merely read the content.
  • The audience can usually read, so use the points made on your slide as visual guides for yourself and the audience. Check You Tube for a video on this topic.
  • Don’t make mistakes with punctuation, spelling or grammar. Your audience will notice.
  • When presenting, look at the audience, make eye contact, and speak clearly, loudly and at a reasonable pace. Practice. Practice.
  • Before preparing your presentation, investigate the program and test out the different design templates.

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