Facebook Can Be Your New Calendar

People use Facebook to share events as much as they do to share photos, to share what’s going on in their life and to share game invites. Facebook is recognizing this and have come up with an app they call Events that works on Apple devices right now and will soon work on Android devices. The app lets you view all the Facebook events that you have on your calendar and also shows you events that you may be like by using the data from what you have liked on the social media site. What really sets this app apart from others is the ability to link with your iCloud calendar. That will allow you to use the app as your main calendar.

You can easily find a link to download the app and it is best to do so while you are already on Facebook. You will have to fill out some basic information and then you will be able to see the app. When you get to the home screen on the app, you will want to look for a calendar icon which will be towards the left. Touch that and you will see the calendar but you may also see a small lock which will mean that you need to adjust your privacy settings in order to make the calendar work.

Facebook Can Be Your New CalendarThe problem is that the Events app may not show up in your phone’s privacy settings. If you are having this problem, try following these instructions. Choose the 4th symbol on the left on the Events app which is the settings for the app and then choose the calendar option. This will allow you to choose to let Facebook connect with the calendar on your apple product. Without this access, you cannot create or change events that are not created on Facebook. You can go back and follow the same process to change the settings to stop allowing the access to your calendar. You’ll be able to easily create events by choosing the plus button at the top right of your device. The menu that pops up will let you decide if your event is going to be a Facebook event or a regular calendar event.

With the Sunrise app that acts as a calendar, the Events app from Facebook could change the way people use calendars and mobile devices. There are really no other apps that suggest events you may be interested in and that also let you create events outside of Facebook. Google Calendar has yet to show their support for the Events app but that may happen soon. With their support and the app being available on Android devices, this app could change the world.

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