Facebook Casts a Wider Advertising Net

Facebook has recently announced a change to its advertising policy, which may see the network reach wider than ever.

Advertisements on Facebook will now be visible to not only those who use the social networking site, but also to third-party apps and websites. This will apply to anyone who has ever visited the website, not just those who are logged in to their accounts.

For those who wish to opt out, ad preferences can be tailored to avoid seeing ads on external sites. Further information is available in the company press release (bit.ly/24aO3G7)

Like many other companies, Facebook collects data from its 1.6 billion users via cookies, which then informs the targeting of marketing. Advertising is a substantial revenue stream for the company, with mobile ad sales representing 80 percent of its income in the first quarter.  The marketing portion of the business is likely to continue to grow, with the corporation also finding new ways to encourage the use of video advertising.

source: reuters.com

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