Facebook Marketing – All you need to know

Know about Facebook Marketing

With the world of social media growing and getting more accessible for everybody, registering your business online has become a matter or great importance. Is Facebook marketing right for you? Want to know how to do it right? Read our help guide to getting it right.

Having regular interaction with your customers and being able to get the notifications immediately is highly important, these days everyone expects instant answers.

Through having regular interaction with your customers you will understand a lot quicker about their needs and requirements and thus saving you and your business a great deal of time. The general public has been responsible for many successful businesses through their ideas and reactions.


Advertising regular giveaways, freebies and competitions is a great idea for fans of your page to get to know your brand and encourage them to drop by your page more frequently and of course to ‘share’ your page with their family and friends, which will of course grow your ‘likes’ ten times more quickly than in normal marketing ways. Just make sure that part of the process is that they have to ‘like and share’ your page.  More visitors to your page, means more customers and of course more business! Be sure to announce the winners on your page and comment to them with a personal note.

Custom tags

Adding ‘custom tags’ to your Facebook page, for example for new customers and viewers is a great way to personalize your profile and makes you seem more accessible and shows you to answer their questions and queries with a personal touch and a lot quicker than some other pages.

Create a ‘ group’ rather than a page, as this again will make it seem more personable. You will be able to ‘add’ more people and everyone will feel they can interact with each other better.

Facebook offers

Register for Facebook offers as you will be able to advertise all your contests, competitions and freebies. Once you have posted your special offer just use the ‘Promoted Post’ via your page wall as this will reach other people on the whole of Facebook, not just your fans and ‘likes’ and again reaching out to more potential customers all over the world, not just in your local area.

Once someone has signed up to your page, offer them some kind of reward. Sweepstakes and loyalty discounts are always popular. Offer more than one reward, one for signing up and one for suggesting other friends and family. Make it seem like you are easily approachable, family friendly and grateful for their custom.

Registering for Facebook and creating your page is at first time consuming and can take a while to make sure you have the right look and feel. The after care and updating of your page everyday, uploading new content and interacting with customers can be tedious and take a lot of your time, can you afford this type of commitment?

Facebook Ads

 If not perhaps just try targeted ads on Facebook in the right places, the right pages and make them stand out and original, perhaps with freebies attached to visit and sign up to your own business webpage.

Facebook ads are paid for by businesses are therefore made to target the right gender, age group, locations and other ‘liked’ pages similar to yours on Facebook. Your Facebook ad can be edited at any time, so if one idea didn’t work, try another. Try a different color maybe, make it shorter or longer and bullet the right the info. A great way to find out about your adverts is to ask the customers! Create a short questionnaire on the ad, ask the viewers what they think, what do they like, what do they not like? Offer a freebie for them giving their opinion. This will certainly give you your answers a lot quicker and thus saving you advertising costs.


Using photos on your page will create even more interest, everyone likes to be nosy and of course these days ‘liking’ a photo on social media has become the norm and again you can see what works and what doesn’t work for you and your targeted audience. The more visual your ad is and the more original then the more chance you have of it becoming viral. Everyone loves a good ‘meme’. Take time to make it more visual and eye catching and don’t forget a great tag line.

Hope our tips have helped you to make the right choice about Facebook Marketing and have given you the right ideas to help your business grow with the new phenomenon that is social media!

Go to your Facebook account now and get started! Go and get the word out there!

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