Fitter, faster, stronger: Making new Windows 10 work for you

The new Windows 10 has just hit desktops, but before you get started, here’s how you can change the system to meet your needs:

Switch off Cortana and make your searches local

One of the features of the release is the digital assistant and search tool, Cortana. The tool automatically appears on your taskbar, however, you can easily switch it off if you won’t need it.
1. Click the search box on the taskbar just to the left of the Start button
2. Select the gear settings icon in the pop-up
3. In the dialog box, switch the slider for Cortana suggestions to ‘Off’

Switch off Cortana and make your searches local

In the dialog box, you’ll also notice an option titled ‘Search online and include web results’. If this is on, queries in the taskbar will search the Internet and your local drive. To keep your searches local, simply switch to ‘Off’.

Keep your taskbar sleek

The taskbar is the focus of the screen and before long you might notice it filling up and looking busy. To keep the taskbar uncluttered, you can remove the search box or switch it to an icon.
1. Right-click a blank space on the taskbar
2. In the pop-up menu, hover over the ‘Search’ item
3. Select ‘Hidden’ or ‘Show search icon’

Keep your taskbar sleek

Remove Task View from the taskbar

You may also wish to hide the Task View icon. To do this:
1. Right-click a blank space on the taskbar
2. From the pop-up menu, uncheck ‘Show Task View button’
Need the button back? Just use the shortcut of the Winkey + Tab, or switch it back on in settings.

Switch File Explorer’s default to ‘This PC’

When you open up File Explorer, you’ll see that it defaults to the Quick Access view. Instead of this, you might want to display ‘This PC’, which is the new name for ‘My Computer’. To change the default:
1. Open File Explorer and choose ‘View’ on the ribbon
2. Click ‘Options’ (to the right of the ribbon)
3. Go to the General tab. From the ‘Open File Explorer to:’ drop-down, select ‘This PC’
4. Hit OK.

Switch File Explorer's default to 'This PC'

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