Fortitude of Empires

Fortitude of Empires, an all-new sci-fi adventure board game that’s fun for anyone of all ages. In this battle strategy game, players are put into a universe where the main objective is to establish dominion over the entire solar system. This Star Wars themed and inspired board game is rich with lively graphics and a backstory that’ll leave players eager to begin their next game.

What makes Fortitude of Empires such a great game to play? Everything from the original music scores in the game to the gameplay itself is unique, especially for a board game. The music is invigorating and instills emotions to the battle that intensifies the overall gameplay.

A Space Themed, Star Wars Influenced Board Game

In addition to the music scores that are beyond great for this game, the scenes played throughout the game are so full of color and excitement, providing lots of interesting backstory and main story for all players to follow. The scenes allow players to learn more about the universe and just how it came to be, hearing from exciting guest actors including the original Boba Fett actor, Jeremy Bulloch.

The voice actors in the game add immersion and flavor to the game, bringing to life each and every character that’s part of the game. Learn the stories and more about the characters through listening to all of their monologues, adding an additional depth to the board game that makes it more unique and intriguing than it already is.

So, how exactly does the game work and how do you play? There can be 2-4 players per game, and each game (unless it’s a thirty-minute skirmish) can take anywhere from one to three hours. The idea of the game is to capture other planets on the board and to land your own troops on to enemy planets to attack.

On a players turn, they have the opportunity to move one of up to five fleet ships, collect credits from planets they occupy, terraform planets or install defenses to their planets, upgrade pilots, attack other players’ planets and ships using battle dice, card, and experience. The battles in Fortitude of Empires can turn in just an instant, making this game a high-intensity game to play.

Whether you’re someone who loves board games or just enjoys them casually, Fortitude of Empires is sure to please you. There’s a quick play option for a more relaxed and easier level of play, and the game itself can be played standard which is for more advanced players.

If you’re interested in the Fortitude of Empires board game, take a look at their Kickstarter campaign here. You can find all information that you’re looking for and make a contribution to help make this game possible. If you donate, you’ll be able to receive a game as soon as they’re made available, and depending on just how much you contribute, you can even received signed cards from the voice actors.

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