Galaxy S8 – new release from Samsung, with 10nm technology

Samsung is now producing a new semiconductor that uses 10-nanometer technology.  The new semiconductor is on the new system chips.

Jong Shik Yoon, who is the Vice President of Samsung Electronics, says that this first mass production of the new technology proves Samsung is the leader in this technology.

Comparing the 10nm process to the earlier 14nm process, it is said that the 10nm is superior in technology and the ennoblement of design.

This new process, 10nm, includes a 3D transistor of advanced structure.  According to Business Wire, these specifications are expected to increase the smartphone’s performance by 27% and also to decrease its power consumption by 40%.

Samsung released a statement saying that the new chips will be used in a new device.  They did not specify which device it would be, but it should be available early next year.  It could well be the successor to the Galaxy S7, and be the Galaxy S8.  The company generally releases the S group early in the year, and this is followed by the latest version of Note.  We have heard nothing about the next version following Note 7.

Rumours suggest the display in the new Samsung Galaxy 8 will be 4K, suitable for virtual reality, with a processor that has the power to keep it up to date with all mobile Virtual Reality technology.  Tech Times reports that Samsung will be the exclusive manufacturer of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 830 processor, the latest version.  They also disclosed that 10nm technology will be used in making the 830 version.

Samsung will launch this new technology in the first few months of 2017, and will follow on more devices during the year.

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