Google Name Change – New Name For Google

Google Name Change

Did you know that Google had a parent company? Google unveiled a new complete re organization that separates the highly successful and profitable search and advertising business from fledgling efforts in an array of so called Moonshots in 2015.

New Name for Google

Sundar Pichai is now CEO of Google, while Larry Page is head of the parent company called Alphabet. Sergey Brin has been named as Alphabet president.

Alphabet Inc. will manage each of its growing businesses, including those building the new robots and self-driving cars, developing nanoparticles, helping to cure diseases, and extending Internet connectivity via Balloons.

Alphabet is now in charge of YouTube, the Android and Chrome operating systems which created over $ 66 billion in revenue in 2014. Advertising on primarily on search and on YouTube accounted for over 89%. Google’s next big earner is sales of Apps, music and movies through the Play Store on android phones. It also reflects the company’s diverse products such as Gmail electronic mail, Google Drive,  Google Maps and a cloud service, which has become an industry standard for navigation.

The move reflected the co – founders’ view that the company which is now worth over $ 445 billion has now become more complex to manage, as it pursues potentially new big businesses in industries far from Google’s search engine roots.

Google said its existing shares have already been converted to Alphabet shares and trade under its existing stock tickers, GOOG and GOOGL. Alphabet has remained incorporated in Delaware.

The move raised the profile of Mr. Pichai, 43 years old, who has become chief executive of the new Google Inc., Alphabet’s search, advertising and mobile unit. Mr. Pichai has been effectively running those businesses for a few years already.

Google Name Change – New Name For Google

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