Hackers can gain access to your information in minutes…

Today cyber criminals are able to hack all your information – personal, contacts, etc. – in addition to that they can access your camera and follow you everywhere.  The thought is truly frightening, but how frequently does it happen.

A cyber security expert recently showed a group of reporters just how easy it can be for a hacker to gain access to all your personal data.  Experts such as these are often called into companies to show them just how open to hackers they are.

Social engineering is the most common method of attack and this is usually achieved through the use of malicious attachments through email, SMS, or even an App.

One example used was the downloading of a Pokemon Go, which had already been infected.  The hacker had full control of the phone, and the owner was not even aware.  At one training/information session journalists were shown just how easy this was.  The person concerned had no idea that someone else was in complete control of the phone – in this case it was an Android.  He was able to access it on a laptop, able to order various expensive services, and all this without the owner being aware.

Using an iPhone, the expert shared how easy it was to hack using Wi-Fi available in cafes, etc.. This has been called the man-in-the-middle attack.  Communication occurs between two parties, but the trick is that there is a third party involved.  Everything done on the phone can be seen by the hacker, including, of course, passwords and other personal data.

There are applications available for protection and as hackers become more sophisticated, these applications become even more essential.

Image Source: express.co.uk

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