How to find the best desktop for gaming in 2016

Using a personal computer for gaming remains very popular, although there are many consoles and other devices that can be used.  Which personal computers makes these games better than the Playstation or the Xbox 1?

find the best desktop for gaming in 2016

There are several companies, including Falcon Northwest, Alienware, MSI and others that will make a specialized computer, but it comes at a price.  There are ways to find just what you want from the average personal computer.  Here are some tips for getting the best one for your needs without sending you into bankruptcy.  This might seem too simple given the complexities of the discussion, but there are many ways to find what you need.

  1. Graphic Cards

Gaming Graphic Cards in 2016This is probably your most important decision for the 3D graphics.  For more simple games an integrated graphic card is sufficient, but if you are looking for something more, you will need a discrete card.  AMD or Nvidia make these cards, and they allow for a much better performance, and better graphics.  In the end it will be your budget that aids in the final decision.

Because most gaming systems will already have a graphics card, the higher price you pay will give you a better quality.  There are sites and reviews where you can check the room in the system for additions.  IN most cases these companies allow you to purchase various degrees of arrays so you can have the highest quality available.

There is no doubt this will increase the cost for each card, but if you are using 4K or virtual reality in your games, this will improve performance and the visual quality.  In order to run some of these games effectively you will need the more expensive cards.

If you don’t want all these features, there are cheaper versions available, so you can have fun for less cash.

  1. The Processor

Gaming ProcessorWe have just looked at the graphics, which are managed by the GPU, but all other aspects are in the care of the CPU (Core Processing Unit).  Intel has an 8-core processor which has the most processing strength.  Another powerful one is the AMD.  There are others available that will give the player the power they need to have a great experience when they are gaming.  There are cheaper versions available so nobody has to miss out.

If you are on a budget and are not sure where to spend your dollars, it is generally a good idea to spend more on the graphics card than on the processor.  If  your game needs more complex calculations you will need to spend more money.

  1. Memory

The latest games use a lot of memory.  Always have 8GB, but if you want an improved performance go for 32GB.  However, remember, if you do install the additional memory and don’t spend on the Core Processing Unit, the performance may not improve.

  1. Do you need a Solid-state Drive?

Although these add another dimension to your gaming experience by speeding up all the processes, the drives with more capacity are still quite expensive.  Despite that, even a smaller unit combined with other technology will assist when you are downloading from the internet.

  1. Can you make Virtual Reality real?

In order to do this, which previously seemed almost impossible in your own home, you will need to have the systems required.  There are two headsets available now (HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift) which have made this possible.  The system requirements are somewhat complicated, but the video card is crucial, and you will need a powerful card, and check your Core Processing Unit.  8GB RAM is the smallest amount needed.

For more information on what you might need, perform a search to find the more specific information and details on what you will need.

  1. Peripherals can improve your experience

So, now you have your computer all working, and you are enjoying your gaming experience, why not try something else.  We suggest you try a new gaming monitor, or headset, which allows you to talk.  Check out your local store for more great ideas.

  1. Which desktop is going to suit you?

Check out the internet once you have made a choice based on our information.  Use a review site to ensure you have the right system for your own personal use.

Now, hopefully you can decide that which is the best desktop for gaming in 2016 for you


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