How to fix a squeaky upstairs floor in your home.

How many homes have you owned with squeaky floors? I know my home had three different areas with this problem. After I had enough of the noise I decided to take care of the situation. And then it hit me! Why don’t I offer this service to my customers? We already stretch and repair carpet so why not do this as well?

Well if you live in the North Dallas area shoot us a call. If you are elsewhere and want to take care of the problem yourself, here is what you need to do.

Step 1 – The first step is to determine where the squeak is. Ok, this you already know. The real first step is to pull back the carpet in the area of the squeak. You will then need a drill and some 2 or 3 inch wood screws. In the area of the noise you will be diving screws into the sub-floor directly above the floor joists. The floor joist will be separated every foot or so. Pretty simple right. Just make sure you are drilling into a joist because that is the point.

Ok, I guess using the step method is not going to work here so I will tell you what tools and skills you will need. The main skill set is to know how to pull and relay carpet. The last thing you want to do is pull up carpet and not put it back correctly. The wife may be happy with a non-squeaky floor but she isn’t going to be happy with bad-looking carpet. You will need a carpet kicking tool which is about 80 dollars at Lowe’s or Home Depot and a tucker tool. I’m not going to explain seams because these are too difficult. If you have to cut carpet you need to contact a professional.

The one thing I forgot to mention is to not drill through the carpet pad. This will make a divot which may be seen after you lay the carpet back down. One option is to cut a piece of pad out above the squeak, drill in the screw, and then replace the cutout piece of pad. You only have to do this if the pad is glued down.

So back to relaying the carpet. The kicker tool is used to stretch the carpet back to the tack strip. Using this tool is an art and can take some time to master. If you are a handy person you will figure it out with ease. I won’t describe how to do it due to the length of writing but I am sure a quick search on YouTube will yield your answer. Hope this helps. Thanks for Reading.