How To Move Dropbox Folder? Simple Technique

How To Move Dropbox Folder?

One of the most effective ways to share all files, but particularly large ones, is to use a program such as Dropbox.  It is popular because it is so easy to use, but have you tried to change its location?  It’s not as simple as it might seem to move Dropbox folder, because it cannot be moved manually as it will only return to the original folder.  Renaming is also impossible.  However there is a way……….

  1. In OS X go to the menu bar, and click on the icon for the Dropbox
  2. A gear icon appears on the top right hand corner. Click on the gear and select preferences, then Dropbox preferences
  3. Click on the Account, and Move – select the new destination, and confirm


How to move dropbox folder - Full Method

If you are moving the Dropbox to the external drive, remember to allow a little more time, as the hard drive sometimes takes longer to prepare for transmitting files.




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