How to Start Your Own Laser Engraving Business

The growth within the laser marking, engraving, and etching industry has sparked the desire to start businesses across this industry. While this technology has been around for several years, the interest in it is grown exponentially over the past year or two. Laser engraving machine manufacturers have reported an increase in their sales, proving this industry is growing at swift pace.

Before you can consider starting a laser engraving business, you need to know what it’s about.

What is laser engraving?

Laser engraving involves cutting or etching various types of materials such as wood, rubber, metal, mirror, glass, and rubber/plastic. The type of engraving business you plan to start will depend on your application. The application you choose to specialize in will determine the type of engraving equipment you will need.

Getting Started

Determine what kinds of products, materials, and applications you plan to work with for your laser engraving business. This is an important step that you cannot afford to skip as it could be a costly mistake.

Sometimes Bigger is Better

It’s smart to invest in a bigger engraving bed for the best outcome and revenue. Two sizes that are good to start with include a 12 x 24 inch or 12 x 18 inch, which are both relatively standard sizes in this business. Anything smaller will prevent you from being able to keep up with your competitors.

Tools and Machines

The machine you use will be the most valuable element of your laser engraving business. Just like with any business, it’s vital to have the correct tools to carry out the tasks of the trade.

Consider the materials you intend to work with and choose a machine that will not only cut through the materials, but that have the right strength for accuracy. Always talk to a reliable professional in the laser engraving machine field before choosing your machine. Get at least two opinions from qualified sales people, and/or people in the industry you trust. Don’t waste money on an expensive, powerful machine if you don’t need it.

Why go into laser engraving as a business?

One of the primary reasons people are investing in laser engraving businesses is the growth and popularity in personalized products. Businesses and individuals alike are seeking better ways to get customized and personalized products.

A secondary reason people are investing in this business is because lasers engrave faster, better, and with a higher level of accuracy and precision. Therefore, you can produce more personalized products faster, resulting in higher revenues.

How can you use laser engraving?

While you might think this business is simplistic and related to personalizing plaques, awards, and trophies, you’re thinking inside the box. Take a step outside the box and realize the applications for laser engraving from crafts, personalized gifts, and pattern cutting for the apparel markets.

The good news is that the costs of laser cutting/engraving machines have remained stable over the past few years. This is the right time to start in this business if you’re going to do it. Not only is this a low to medium cost business to start, the profit margin is huge. Keep your eye on technology, since these machines are constantly improving.


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