Improve your engagement with Facebook in 2017

The size of your business makes no difference because Facebook can play a crucial role in you marketing strategies via social media in 2017.  There are 1.79 billion users and almost 1.2 billion log in each day.  It is a much larger network than Instagram, with 300 million users logging in daily out of 600 million active users.

Facebook has a vast presence and wide influence, and this has meant there has been increased discussion about its part in spreading misleading and incorrect content.  While it continues to increase its role in daily interaction, businesses are always looking for ways that they can use it to increase their profile and increase earnings.

Companies such as BuzzSumo analyze posts on Facebook to learn which content and strategies are working best.  In a recent analysis of 800 million posts they worked with a Facebook marketing expert to create a presentation, which you can find online.  In addition to this BuzzSumo have created a new infographic, which is available for people using Facebook for marketing.

This sort of information can provide the marketer with important information, even if the marketer doesn’t want to take advantage of them all.

A Summary of BuzzSumo’s results

  • Keep your posts short and engaging – no more than 50 characters
  • Create links to longer articles
  • Post when there are fewer news feeds
  • Use visuals, including videos
  • Ask questions

Facebook tips for business

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