Internet Banner Ads – Annoying, Misleading or Useful?


If you hadn’t already realized the Internet is run by Advertising Companies and businesses trying to sell you something or lead you to their own websites and of course it’s a hacker and fraudster’s playground

Just like when you enter any supermarket or shop without you realizing it, you are pushed into buying things you didn’t go in for, didn’t want and spending more than you intended to. The Internet is exactly the same, without you realizing it you visit websites you wouldn’t normally go to and all your history is noted by ‘Cookies’.  It even thinks for you! And directs you to ‘sites of interest’


A Banner Ad is the dominant Advertisement at the top of your page, as they are widely accepted buyers can easily secure places on every website or page found online these days. They are usually around 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high (468×60). It could be plain text, moving images or really annoying animated cartoon images. Ultimately the job of these Banner Ads is once you have clicked on them they will re-direct you to that advertisers page or website to make you subscribe or purchase something. The bigger and better it is the more chance the advertiser has of you clicking.


Just be aware as lots of advertisements and Ad Banners are fraudulently constructed, they will re-direct you to hackers websites or websites full of viruses. If there is an Internet Banner Ad flashing mentioning anything to do with your Windows System or your Anti-Virus System  i.e.

Annoying Banner Ads”Your windows system is out of sync, upgrade here”


Virus detected, press here to install the upgrade”


If you have virus protection on your PC or device you should get a warning to say that you are on a dangerous site and it has automatically blocked you from it, or it will flag up as a  download warning not to download, but unfortunately you are not 100% protected from all ads out there

Unfortunately Internet Banner Ads are here to stay, as are all the other advertisements out there as without them you would have to pay quite a substantial amount to use the Internet and certain sites. Depending what server you use, you should have the option of adding an extension called ‘ADBLOCK’ well worth installing it, as it will cut out 99% of all the ads you will see while surfing the Internet. Use your common sense, if the site you are directed to, doesn’t seem too professional or there is no ‘green lock top left in your address bar’ and it’s asking you for payment details…do not press anything or give any details, close the page and upgrade your anti-virus protection.

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