Is 32GB Enough For iPhone 7 and 8 – 128GB or 256GB Which One Is The Best?


iPhone Storage

New iPhones will have 32GB, 128GB, or 256GB.  16GB is no longer available.

Which one will you choose?

Recently, iPhone users with 16GB received warnings that their storage was full, and Google produced a cartoon about ‘smaller’ models, which was clearly aimed at Apple.  Many users will then choose 32GB, thinking this might be enough, but is it?

Is 32GB Enough For iPhone 7

With 32GB, you still might need to clear and delete photos, videos, apps or conversations and you may really want to keep them.  Revisions to the photos and messages apps seem to increase the data – do you want to lose these exciting new features?

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Music and Videos

There are so many music playlists and video downloads available it makes you wonder if 32 GB will be enough.

Remember, if you have a 16GB iPhone and you don’t run out of storage, 32GB might be sufficient.

128GB – is this the best option for you?

It might seem like a lot, but with 128GB you can store photos and music without having to delete as you go, giving you more choice.  It is great for videos as well.

256GB – is this too much?

For those users who store documents, photos, videos, songs, games and apps, and use the phone as a link to the rest of the world this is the one for you.

With 256GB you can keep work presentations and enough movies for a long haul flight.  If you don’t need this much, don’t forget that iCloud storage is always available too.

Memory Cards

Apple doesn’t offer memory cards.  What you buy is what you get.  Don’t forget you can always use the Cloud for additional storage.  Using 128GB will probably only cost an extra $100, or a few more dollars each month, it seems the best way to go.

It seems that iPhone 7 32gb enough only in case of very low usage.

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