Looking for one of the best android browsers available now?

Choosing the best browser for your device is one of the more important decisions to make.  The browser is an essential application for all devices.  There are so many options and you need to be sure you have the features that you need.  Let’s look at some of the best browsers available for Android devices.

1. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin Browser – an old favourite for many Android users. Its features include theming, flash support along with the ability to block ads and remain incognito while on-line  Support is also available.  Some users will only consider Dolphin.

2. Firefox

Firefox – has moved ahead since it was first available for use on mobile devices, moving to one of the top browsers in its category with particularly useful features. Some of the available feature – book marking, history, privacy, etc. and additional features to enhance your on-line experience.

3. Flynx

Flynx – has improved dramatically since it was first introduced. Rather than a full screen it can be used as a floating window which means you can quickly check something on one web whilst using another application.  If you particularly like this style of browser, Link Bubble is another good option.

4. Ghostery

Ghostery – is particularly well known for its privacy features, and the extensions it has for Firefox and Google Chrome. These extensions mean you have control over trackers, including being able to block them as well as seeing what they are.  Ghostery Browser doesn’t have all the features that others have, but the privacy feature is popular.

5. Google Chrome

Google Chrome – because it is often already installed on devices when you purchase them, many people find it easier to use it. Chrome syncs with your desktop.  There are  plenty of features available and many more on the way.

6. Mercury Browser

Mercury Browser – originally an iOS browser, which is now available on Android. Privacy and security are important features and there are many other popular features making it a well-used browser.

7. Naked Browser

Naked Browser – speed is the main feature of this browser. Due to the increase in speed other features have been dropped.  It may not look beautiful, but if you need speed this is the browser for you.

8. Opera Browser

Opera Browser – has been a regular feature on Android devices. Regular updates have included new features, one which allows users to save sites and other data speedily.  They are adding new features all the time and have four types of browsers, each functioning efficiently.

9. Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser – is somewhat different to the others. Generally working well, it does have some features that are not normally found on browsers, such as a virtual mouse pad.  It does have normal features as well, including Adobe Flash support, but this is limited to half a day.  It is worth a look, as it is quite different.

10. UC Browser

UC Browser – available from Google Play Store, the most noticeable feature about this browser is that it is not aimed solely at the United States.  It includes lots of features, and some additional features.  It is very popular and gets excellent reviews.

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