Looking after your much-loved devices

You probably spend a lot of money on your gadgets and so you love to get the maximum use out of them. Here are a few ways to look after your devices and keep them working for you for as long as possible.

Don’t over-charge

It’s always tempting to keep your device at 100%, but constant charging can degrade the battery over the long term. Try to hold out on plugging in until you receive a warning notification or sound.

Stay fresh and clean

When it comes to cleaning your gadgets, regular household cleaning products are a big no. Instead, use specialised cleansers and cloths (microfiber is ideal) and you’ll be enjoying shiny, scratch-free products for longer. As with most things in life, it’s also best not to overdo it; keep the cleaning to when it’s needed.

Be sun smart

Just like your skin, sunlight can seriously damage your gadgets. As surprising as it sounds, it doesn’t take extreme conditions to melt or warp your devices, with phones and laptops being particularly vulnerable. Play safe and keep your items out of direct sun. 9

Keep covered and carry on

You wouldn’t leave the house naked and neither should your devices! Protective cases are a must. If you’re style-conscious, there are now a huge range of designer cases on the market that will not only keep your laptop, phone or tablet safe, but can also add even more flair and personality.

Don’t go cheap on repairs

If you take small steps to look after your devices, hopefully you’ll avoid the repair shop altogether. But accidents happen and, when they do, it’s best not to skimp on the costs of a fix.

The tech repair shops that offer bargain prices might seem like a good idea, but chances are you’ll ultimately end up paying more to fix problems created by these unauthorized merchants (and you might void your warranty in the process).

If you have problems with your device, take it to an accredited retailer for better value for money and peace of mind.

image source: digitaltrends.com

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