Low-income earners in the USA get free high speed internet from Google

Google is working with Connect Home (a network designed to bring the internet to those who cannot afford it) to allow those who cannot afford it, access to the internet.  This is based on the notion that access to the internet can actually make a difference for children in these lower socio-economic areas.  How can this help these children?

  • Children will use the internet in their after-school programs
  • They will use it in STEM classes
  • Children will be able to use it for their homework
  • The ability to improve your access to the internet will help these groups become more connected

This program has started in Kansas City, using the buildings that were part of the Google Fiber cities.  The families who live in the West Bluff property can gain access to 1,000 mbps, which was impossible for them previously, given the cost of internet access.

The plan is to increase the number of low income families who will have access to the internet in all these Fiber cities.   These families will have access to all the internet has to offer.

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