Making Your Website More Visible

All website owners want their website to be listed first when people are searching.  Website developers need to build ‘backlinks’ which will direct searches to your website.  The more traffic your website attracts, the higher it will be ranked on search engines, thus getting more users.

How can you create quality backlinks?

  • Anchor texts affect the popularity of websites, by directing the search effectively to the keyword used
  • Think about your niche market and the increased exposure you can attract; use links to other similar sites
  • Articles and press releases, either paid or free, which mention the keywords that link to your site can be used in the text or in tabs on your site
  • Highly ranked domains are more likely to attract users, as they are already popular
  • Use specific directory submissions
  • Paid links were popular in the past, but can attract a penalty; in most cases it is best not to use them

Using these tips wisely can result in an increase in traffic to your website.

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