Marketing Your Business with Facebook

The tips below will help you to use Facebook to market you products or services more effectively.

  1. Offer discounts – free products or discounts for people who share your information or tag friends. If your subscribers create additional sales reward them.
  2. Think about exclusive offers – if something is hard to get, many people want it. Give your product to people if they perform an action that might lead to more sales for you.
  3. Make sure you have the right information on your Facebook page. If there are fans, they are interested in what you are doing, so make sure they know the details, so they can share with those of like minds.
  4. Mixed media adds interest to your page. Images are eye-catching, as are short videos.  Try to make your page as varied as possible.  Use all types of media.
  5. What exactly is your page for? Do you only want to send out information about your products or services, or are you trying to create a forum.  Always remember the actual reason you are using this platform.
  6. Do you want your viewers to answer questions? Make sure the responses can be simple.  People are more likely to post an opinion or answer a question if it only requires a few words.
  7. Use the tabs that are available on Facebook. There are generic tabs available, but you are also able to create your own.  Remember what is valuable to you and your clientele.
  8. Small business forums offer help with many areas. Before you start paying for additional advertising, check out the forums.
  9. Remember all this tips and you will get the results that you hope for from your Facebook page.

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