Mars Explorer Wanted

Mars Explorer Wanted

Had enough of life on Earth? Fancy a change? The Mars One Project is recruiting people wanting to go and be part of a permanent human settlement on Mars.

Mars One is a nonprofit organization with a goal of establishing a permanent human settlement on Mars. The first unmanned mission is due to set off sometime in 2020, actual manned crew are set to depart for their one way flight sometime in 2026 with subsequent crew departing every 26 months. The Mars One motto ” The Next Giant Leap for Mankind ”

Why Permanent Settlement?

The most expensive, risky and complex part of the Mars adventure is the return path, bigger rockets, larger landing systems and launch capability needs to be developed so therefore permanent settlement , although not the easy option is far less complex and requires much less infrastructure .

Mars One has already started to contract established aerospace companies to work on the required systems.


The global search is on to find the first humans to step foot on Mars and make it their new home. An extensive training period, candidates will learn their new skills and how to live on a new planet. The combined skill set of each astronaut team member will cover a very wide range of disciplines.

Space Reality TV Show

The first human crews will of course be the very first ”Reality TV” show in space and will no doubt become worldwide names. Are you ready to leave forever for a new life on the red planet?


Mars Explorer Wanted

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