Mekamon AR Gaming Robot from Reach Robotics available from Apple Stores

‘Mekamon’ AR Gaming Robot will be available from Apple stores in the UK and the US from the middle of November.

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What is Mekamon?

It is a real-life robot that links real-world gameplay with augmented reality.  It is a four-legged spider shape and is 11.8×11.8×5.9 in.  The design allows players to battle their robots in the physical and the virtual world using iOS devices.


MekaMon is compatible with the latest iOS devices and is able to adopt the camera and infrared sensors on the iPhone for ‘precision gameplay’.  The MekaMon robots connect using these infrared signals as the iPhones of the players connect over Bluetooth.  This allows friends to battle with each other, or participate in other types of gameplay, including arcade and cooperative.

MekaMon has a built-in augmented reality support, and gamers are able to decide to play in the real world or in an augmented reality.  Once the battle has started, Mekakon can move around and is able to use objects in the room to defend against attackers.

Players are able to customize each Mekamon robot by adding various weapons or shields to develop the character of the robot.  You can make it more aggressive, defensive or even more technically inclined.  MekaMon robots are also compatible with Swift Playgrounds.  This means that users can control their robots using their Swift code.

Mekamon AR Gaming Robot from Reach Robotics available from Apple Stores

Mekamon Features

MekaMon also enables users to implement ‘fundamental coding concepts’ and as a code learning tool.  This means users can further control its movements, reactions, startup and shutdown features.

The CEO of Reach Robotics, Silas Adekunle, believes Mekamon is an entirely new platform for video gaming.  By straddling both the real worlds and the virtual worlds, and taking the experience beyond the screen and into the player’s living room, they have created a limitless robotic zone.

This is a quantum leap for augmented reality.

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