Your mobile device can be essential during emergency situations

Your should ready for any emergency situation

Batteries need to be charged.  Power cuts are common during natural disasters and other emergencies.  Don’t use your mobile device for leisure activities during these times – you don’t know how long you will be without power.  Radio, TV and even a landline can provide additional important information.  If you have a landline, use it to call emergency services or other numbers.

Save your battery.

 At these times mobile networks may also drop out.  This can be due to the amount of traffic on the network, or the emergency situation itself.  If voice calls aren’t working, try SMS.  Think carefully about all communications – save your battery power and keep traffic on the network to a minimum.

 For those with smartphones, check the App Store or other providers for your local Emergency App – these are usually free.

 Listen for any warnings that come as texts.

 Your mobile device allows you to keep lists of contacts.  Save all important numbers, so they are easy to find during an emergency.  You could create a special list for these contacts.  A list such as this may assist emergency workers to locate your personal information, if necessary.

Save these numbers:

  • Emergency Services
  • Family members
  • Fire Brigade
  • Doctor
  • Hospital
  • Local community
  • Veterinarians

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