Mobile Devices on the Road

Research has revealed the safety issues for drivers who are using their mobile devices for sending messages and calling while driving.

Drivers are able to use a cradle or a hands-free method to reduce the risk.  Voice activation also allows the driver to keep their eyes on the road.

Texting while driving is both dangerous and illegal.  Think about it – if you are traveling at 60kph, and take your eyes from the road for 4 seconds, you are not watching the road for 75 meters!!

Taking your eyes off the road, to text, to dial, or to answer a mobile device is dangerous and can be deadly.  You can talk and listen when driving conditions are good and the traffic is not heavy.

Use a cradle for your phone in the car.  The cradle needs to be in a position on the dashboard, so the driver doesn’t need to look down to view it.

Blue-tooth is also available, but the driver must not touch the handset.

Check local road rules.

Modern mobile devices, particularly smartphones have many features to help the driver, including voice activated dialing, automatic answering features, and there are apps available to assist.

Every call doesn’t need to be answered.  Although hands-free devices are legal, drivers should consider road and traffic conditions before answering, even if using hand-free.  Use voice mail or other answering services.

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