New evidence shows dinosaurs were slowly becoming extinct

Research from the United Kingdom has recently indicated that dinosaurs were on the path extinction long before the meteorite hit.

Dinosour 1

It is widely believed that dinosaurs dominated the world for hundreds of millions of years. When a massive meteorite that hit the Gulf of Mexico, it is understood that the dinosaurs were eradicated by its after-effects. What has never been clearly understood however, was whether dinosaurs had been surviving in large numbers prior to this crisis.


In a joint press release, Professor Mike Benton and Dr. Manabu Sakamoto stated that new evidence suggests that dinosaurs had somehow lost the ability to re-populate quickly. Analysis of fossils, drawn together with computing statistic, indicates that all species had long been in a slow and steady decline. After millions of years, the dinosaurs were losing their dominance over the earth.


When the asteroid hit, it brought with it widespread environmental destruction that made the survival of the dinosaurs untenable. The sun blackened and huge quantities of dust were released into the atmosphere. Bigger changers were also spurred, with sea levels rising, continents dividing and volcanos becoming active. It is believed that these changes would have severely prohibited the ability of dinosaurs to reproduce – an effect that was fatal to their already low numbers.

From the rubble emerged the new species that would dominate the earth: the mammals.