No more forced updates in Windows 10

New updates and drivers can be notorious for causing unexpected problems. Given this, it’s understandable that Windows 10 users are frustrated about the system forcing installation of new updates. Thankfully, Microsoft has now delivered the kb3073930 troubleshooter, which lets you postpone new updates by hiding them. So there are no more forced updates in Windows 10.

After downloading the troubleshooter,  you’ll be asked to open or save the ‘wushowhide.diagcab’ file. Open the file and click ‘Next’ on the pop-up. The system will start to look for updates and, when it’s done, you’ll be given the option to hide updates. Once you click the ‘Hide updates’ link, you’ll be able to select which ones you don’t want to be installed. If you change your mind, there’s also the option to ‘Show hidden updates’, allowing you to see what has been deferred.

Keep in mind that the troubleshooter is primarily designed to hide updates once they’d already installed, to avoid re-installation. This won’t be a problem if your system still runs smoothly after an installation, but you should still keep back-ups on hand in case an update crashes your computer and you can’t access the troubleshooter.

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