Now Dual Camera Technology Can See as Well as Your Own Eyes

Many popular cell phone models including two LG models, an Honor model, a HTC model and a Huwei model. The newest phone to use the dual camera technology is the recently released iPhone 7 Plus. Qualcomm, the company who makes the chip for this dual camera technology, has big plans to expand the number of makes and models of cell phones that use their technology.

They are very proud of their camera technology and its ability to work just like human eyes. Our human eyes have cone shaped cells and rod shaped cells that both have different functions. The cones are best at trapping color that enters the eye and the rods trap mainly light. The cones can not capture the colors without light so the two of them work together.

The Qualcomm technology which they call Clear Sight uses two different cameras that both focus in the exact same way but have different lens and image monitors. One of the monitors picks up on colors and the other one picks up black and white images. The black and white monitors are said to improve the contrast of the photos you take and help you take better, clearer pictures even without a lot of light.

Where Will the Technology be Next?

A lot of people have seen a similar technology on the Huawei phone from China which has two cameras, one that takes color photos and one that takes black and white photos and then puts them together to make one amazing photograph. This is what the Qualcomm technology does as well. The two sensors take the images they capture and put them in one photograph that is very impressive. They are soon going to release Snapdragon processors in many more phone models and brands. The Snapdragon 820 is currently in the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Moto Z and the newer Snapdragon 821 in the Asus Zenhone.

The benefit of the Qualcomm technology is that various phone companies are able to use the chips Qualcomm created in their devices instead of having to recreate the technology. This saves the phone manufacturers a lot of money and time.

If you haven’t experienced this amazing new technology, you will probably see it soon!


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