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Internet Security

  • The challenge in this age of technology is to create strong, secure user names and passwords. Most people have personal information on their computer, in their emails and on sites they visit frequently.  Should someone gain access to all this information, it could create many problems, including loss of money, identity, etc..
  • It is a challenge to create a username and a password that nobody else can work out.
  • When you enter new passwords you often see a bar beside them, which is measuring the strength of the password. Some sites have very specific requirements and will not allow a password to be created until it meets those requirements.
  • At other times, you have to go it alone.

There are good and bad passwords.

  • Google ‘popular passwords’ – you will find lots of bad passwords.
  • Check You Tube for videos on now passwords are hacked. It is frightening and will make you think more carefully about your personal password.

Hints for strong passwords.

  • Don’t use names, dates, or numbers that are easily related to you
  • Remember to avoid ‘popular passwords’
  • Combine letters and numbers
  • It needs to be easily memorized by you; don’t write it down
  • Although ‘qwerty’ looks good – it is a sequence, and has been very popular – avoid obvious sequences
  • The longer the better – always make your password at least 8 characters – more is better
  • Change your passwords regularly, at least every 6 months

Good user names and passwords protect both your money and your identity.

Practice resetting your password, and search the internet for further advice.


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