A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words: Send Multimedia from your Phone

Since the release of the iPhone 3.0, users have been able to quickly and easily send photos, contacts and videos, using the exact same method as SMS.

To get started with MMS, you’ll a carrier that supports the function (such as O2 if you’re in the UK) and you’ll need to turn the feature on. To do this, open up your Settings and then select Messaging. Slide the selector for MMS Messaging to the on position. While you’re here, you can also toggle Subjects for messages.

Next time you open a New Message in Messages, you should see a camera button next to the text box. This button will allow you to choose an image from your photo library or to take a new photo. If you own an iPhone 3G S or above, you’ll also have the option to send video from this screen.

Once you’ve selected or taken a picture, a smaller version will pop up in the text box. You can add a caption to this image or just hit Send.

When a recipient opens the MSS, they’ll see the picture in full, all within the app, meaning there’s no more need to launch those annoying web links.

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