Pokemon Go Buddy System Makes Gaming More Fun

People who play Pokemon Go on Apple and Android will now be able to have a buddy from the Pokemon they have caught at their side in the game. These buddies will show up next to your avatar and will be a realistic size. The buddies are not just there for looks, though. Having a Pokemon Go buddy walking alongside you will help you earn candy that you would normally only get by catching or hatching specific Pokemon. The type of Pokemon you choose as your buddy will determine the distance you will have to walk to get these extra treats.

What is the Process to Select Your Pokemon Friend (Pokemon Go Buddy)?

The first step is to update your Pokemon app on your phone. Then you will go to your game home screen and find your avatar. Next, hit the menu button near the bottom right and select the button that says “Buddy”. You will see all the Pokemon you caught, not the ones in your Pokedex, and you can choose the Buddy that you want to accompany you on your Pokemon hunting journey when it appears by your avatar. Some Pokemon Buddies require you to walk farther than others before you earn candy and you will see this information on the screen.

You do have the option of choosing a different Buddy on the information page and saying “yes” to “do you want to swap?” Be aware, though, that when you change out your Buddy you will lose the distance you have traveled with your previous Buddy.

The information about the Pokemon Go update can be found on Pokemon Go’s Facebook where Niantic, who created the program, discuss the details. The update that was recently released also sets the stage for the Nintendo Pokemon Go Plus addition. The Pokemon Go Plus uses Bluetooth to alert players to nearby Pokemon through vibrations and lets them catch them just by pushing a button on the wearable device. They can go back and view their catches at a later time. The Pokemon Go Plus app will be compatible with the new Apple Watch release.

Other fixes that this app update provides include minor problems like difficulties capturing the small Pokemon that players encounter, making sure animation shows up during the egg hatch process, and making the program more reliable when players go from using WI-Fi to using mobile data. Unfortunately, this update did not fix a very common problem that many users complain about which is being able to track where Pokemon are reliably. This new Pokemon Go update comes out shortly before the Pokemon Go Plus release.

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