Proposed changes to Instagram left customers angry

Although the proposed changes have not yet come into effect completely, customers made their feelings known when Instagram announced that it was making some adjustments to the news feed.  They were going to try a new method based on an algorithm which would show content that was most relevant first, rather than the reverse chronological order they use at present.

Once it became public people starting posting their concerns.  Various celebrities were concerned and in particular questioning how ‘Instagram’ would know exactly what was relevant to them, when there were times, when the person themselves is not always sure.   Others suggested that fixing something that is not broken was mindless.

Instagram is owned by Facebook, and their research suggests that some are missing out on 70% of their feeds, and that is why the change is being proposed.

Petitions have been started, and one called ‘’ already has more than 300,000 people signed onto it.  The call is ‘Turn me on.’

There are notifications on the app that allow users to be certain they receive posts from particular accounts, but users can be flooded with notifications.

Instagram have responded by noting the concerns of users, and asking people not to worry, because the change has not been completely rolled out as yet.  Enjoy it while you can.

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